Fixieren der Manschette beim Croker Skull

Replace MK1 Symmetrical Sleeve

  1. Remove yellow button with a screw driver.

  2. Remove old sleeve with chisel and draw knife.

  3. Place oar on pitching bench (as per video).

  4. Read the engraving inside the sleeve to make sure you have the right sleeve (not applicable to surf oars).

  5. Heat the sleeve with warm air for a few minutes before fitting.

  6. Use a piece of timber to hold the sleeve body open and fill the ridges inside with glue and filler mixture. We use a 2 pack epoxy resin combined with a lightweight filler such as micro balloons, Q Cell or similar. (Epoxy resin available from BCF and view a detailed video on website to mix glue.)

  7. Clip sleeve body around shaft at desired position

  8. Try to get the body even and level before pushing the back on. Less correction will be needed (no twist).

  9. Click the back on to the end of the sleeve and push firmly forward using a small block of wood, which has a concave shape to fit over the oar shaft.

  10. Rotate sleeve back and forth a few times to ensure good coverage of glue on shaft.

  11. Wipe away any excess glue.

  12. Using a spirit level across the back of the sleeve, set the desired pitch. All new Croker Oars are set at 0°.

  13. Leave oar in a dry position to allow glue to set, trying not to bump the sleeve.

  14. Small alterations (<1°) may be made to dry sleeves by scraping or planing one edge of the back. (See directions Set Pitch on Sleeve to 0°.)

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